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Our Most Recent Service Reviews

Check out our most recent reviews, and then call us for service!

Sean Coddington
Sean Coddington 5.0

Nate came out on time and was very helpful. Would definitely recommend.

Dene Gordon
Dene Gordon 5.0
Norman Jayden
Norman Jayden 5.0

Great experience. Will likely use in future.

David Olson
David Olson 5.0

Very professional. Would highly recommend this young man

D Pink
D Pink 5.0

Fast and beautiful work, thank you

Ronnie Scott
Ronnie Scott 5.0

Tony was wonderful. Great personality. I would have him again. Answered all my questions.

Raana Abbasey
Raana Abbasey 3.0

Showed up on time, friendly and courteous. Provided a clear estimate, and completed the job. However, I was blown away by the pricing to clear the line. $575 when simply renting a tool from a hardware store for $75 would have allowed us to easily fix it ...ourselves. We had too many other projects going on so we bit the bullet, paid it, and are now sick to our stomachs over it. I don’t like to ever leave a bad review, and I purposefully ignored the first few prompts to leave one. Talking to friends and family stirred up our regret. This felt egregious—it was less than 30 minutes of work. This is completely on us. If you can charge those prices and find people too busy or unaware to scoff at the price, good for you!Read More...

Justin Dennis
Justin Dennis 5.0
Jeff Day
Jeff Day 3.0

Technician was a nice guy. But price was absolutely insane. 30 mins of work for almost $600 is absolutely insane to me.

Barbara Henshaw
Barbara Henshaw 5.0

Matt did a great job! He flushed the hot water tank and spoke with me about a few other things to do. Definitely would recommend to family and friends. Thank you.

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